Sometimes, in consequence of inflammation or injury to the eyelids, the edges may turn in or out in an unnatural degree, in consequence of which the functions of the eye may be greatly interfered with. When the lids are turned in, the eyelashes rub upon the eyeball and produce irritation; when they turn out, the tears do not escape readily through the natural channels, and a portion of the mucous membrane is exposed to irritating influences.

The Treatment of Deformities of the Eyelids

Since these diseases are usually the result of chronic inflammation of the eyes, they should be prevented by proper treatment of the origin of the disease. When a deformity has been produced, however, a surgical operation is usually necessary to restore the lid to a healthy condition. In cases of Entropion, in which the opening between the lids is much narrower, making the eye look smaller than natural, relief may be obtained by means of an operation known as canthoplasty, which consists in extending the opening between the lids by cutting the outer comer with a knife or scissors. We have sometimes afforded patients very great relief from suffering by performing this operation.