Caries of the Bone

This is an affection of the periosteum, or covering of the bone, which corresponds to an indolent or inactive ulcer of the skin. The tissues of the affected parts are tender and swollen, and the patient suffers with severe boring and tearing pains at night. Improving the patient's general condition by careful diet and correct hygiene, constitute the means of treatment. Bad cases require a surgical operation for removal of dead bone.

Necrosis of Bone

Death of bone is generally the result of inflammation. When too large a portion of the bone is not involved, and the periosteum is left intact, nature generally effects a cure by separating the dead from the healthy tissues, and supplying the place of the diseased bone with newly formed tissue. In many cases, an opening to the surface is made, through which the dead bone, gradually undergoing decomposition, is discharged. After complete separation between the dead and the healthy bone has taken place, the dead bone may be removed by a surgical operation.