Backward dislocations at the ankle joint are generally irreducible, on account of the great strength of the heel cord, or tendo Achillis. This cord has been sometimes divided; but this should rarely, if ever, be done, since by prolonged rest and proper treatment combined, later, with passive ex ercises and persistent efforts on the part of the patient, the foot can bo made a very useful one, even though the dislocation remains unreduced.

Other dislocations of various bones of the foot sometimes occur in consequence of great violence. They can often be reduced by careful manipulation, but in some cases resist all efforts at replacement. The displaced bones will generally accommodate themselves to their abnormal position sufficiently to render the foot very useful, even though they cannot be restored to their proper position.

Dislocation of the Toes

This is a very rare accident. It should be treated in essentially the same manner as that described for dislocation of the fingers.