This is one of the most common forms of neuralgia. The pain is usually confined to one side of the face. It may be excited by cold, by decayed teeth, or by causes which are unknown. In some cases the pain is attended by contraction of the muscles of one side of the face, when it is termed tic-douloureux. This form of disease generally occurs in persons considerably advanced in years.

The Treatment of Faceache, Or Facial Neuralgia

Hot applications to the face, together with hot foot or sitz-baths, and the use of electricity, are the most useful measures. The application of cold to the seat of the pain sometimes gives relief when hot applications are ineffectual. In one case of several years' standing, we succeeded in effecting a cure by the injection of a few drops of chloroform beneath the skin, just in front of the ear; but this measure is rarely necessary if the others mentioned are faithfully tried, together with the use of the necessary means to improve the general health.