Stomach flatulence, occasioned by the formation of carbonic acid gas, may usually be relieved by swallowing a small quantity of quite hot water and applying hot fomentations to the stomach with gentle kneading. A little camphor, peppermint, or winter-green added to the hot water increases its efficiency. Sometimes gulping a small quantity of air will liberate the imprisoned gas by causing relaxation of the muscular fibres at the lower end of the oesophagus. Flatulence of the bowels, together with the pain which sometimes accompanies it, is relieved in the same way. Occasionally a hot sitz bath for ten or fifteen minutes, at 100 to 110, is required. A copious warm enema will be required in some cases which are accompanied by obstinate constipation. The employment of freshly burned and pulverized charcoal taken in capsules is often an effective remedy for flatulence. Charcoal crackers are useful, though not so efficient, for the same purpose.