From various causes, the womb may become folded upon itself. When this occurs anteriorly, it is termed anteflexion. When the organ is folded backward against the rectum, the condition is termed retroflexion. Lateroflexion is a condition in which the organ is folded over to one side. Anteflexions and retroflexions usually result from ante- and retroversions. The principal symptoms of anteflexion are an irritable condition of the bladder, with a frequent desire to urinate; a severe pain at the beginning of menstruation, which is usually relieved suddenly and completely at the beginning of the menstrual flow. The pain sometimes lasts a day or two at the beginning of each period, the patient often being at other times quite free from any inconvenience. The symptoms of retroflexion are essentially the same as those of retroversion except that they are all exaggerated. Pain in the back and obstinate constipation are the leading symptoms. The patient is also likely to suffer with profuse menstruation and a considerable increase of pain at the menstrual periods.

The Treatment of Flexions

The same general plan of treatment recommended for prolapsus should be followed for flexions and all other displacements of the womb. In case of anteflexions, the first form of special exercise recommended for prolapsus should be taken daily. In cases of retroflexion, as well as of retroversion, the two last forms of exercise cannot be too highly recommended. Hot douches, astringent injections, and frequent sitz-baths, are as valuable remedies in this case as in prolapsus.