Small objects, and sometimes insects, are frequently gotten into the ear. In some instances flies have been known to deposit their eggs in the ear, which in due time were hatched into a numerous progeny of grubs. In attempting to remove objects from the ear, great care should bo taken that more harm than good is not done. By far the best of all measures for this purpose is gently syringing the ear with tepid water. The head should be bent to one side, and by means of the fountain syringe elevated to a sufficient height to give a moderate force, a stream of water should be directed into the ear for some minutes. In nearly every instance the foreign substance will be removed. If the foreign body is an insect, a little glycerine may be introduced into the ear with a earners hair brush, or a feather. If these measures do not succeed, a loop of fine wire or horse-hair may often be employed with success.