Foreign bodies introduced into the nose, if not crowded too far up by injudicious attempts at removal, may generally be quite readily removed by forcibly blowing the nose, the mouth and the unobstructed nostril being tightly closed. Another plan is to blow the patients nose for him by closing the empty nostril with the finger, and then blowing suddenly and strongly into the mouth. The glottis closes spasmodically, and the whole force of the breath goes to expel the button or bean, which commonly flies out at the first effort This plan has the great advantages of exciting no terror in children, and of being capable of being at once employed, before delay has given rise to swelling and impaction. Sometimes the obstruction can be expelled by exciting sneezing. Care should be taken to avoid crowding the object further in. A loop of wire, or blunt hook, may in some cases be successfully used. A hair-pin answers very well for this purpose. The loop end should be first employed, and if this does not answer the purpose, one of the other ends should be slightly bent in the form of a hook. A hair-pin may be used as a pair of pincers in the absence of a better instrument If the object is not tightly imbedded, or if it is of a soluble character, it may be washed out, making the water from a syringe pass up the unobstructed nostril and out at the one containing the foreign body, or by use of the post-nasal douche.