The Symptoms of Granular Inflammation Of The Lips Of The Womb

Profuse leucorrhoeal discharge: general debility: aching around the lower part of the body, which is increased by walking or standing; symptoms of catarrh or congestion of the womb.

This condition of the uterus is what is ordinarily treated as ulceration. It is not true ulceration, however; ulceration affects this organ very rarely indeed. The causes are catarrh of the uterus, chronic congestion, sexual excess, and prolapsus.

The Treatment of Granular Inflammation Of The Lips Of The Womb

Sitz baths, hot douches, and the use of astringent lotions when the uterus is prolapsed. Benefit may sometimes be derived by passing up into the vagina, against the mouth of the womb, a little ball of cotton saturated with glycerine, or glycerine and tannin. A string should be tied about the middle of the cotton ball, so that it may be removed when necessary. It should not be kept in place more than a day or two at a time. In many cases, the granular condition of the lips of the womb is due to the occurrence of rupture at child birth. When the tear is quite a serious one, a surgical operation is required.