According to the Bible, the pains of childbirth constitute a part of the curse pronounced upon woman in consequence of the transgression of mother Eve in Eden. We are thoroughly convinced, however, that the curse of fashion, and the long list of preventing influences which have for ages been telling upon the human constitution, are far more responsible for the terrible agony frequently attendant upon the bringing of a human being into the world, than the original curse. But regarding pain as a penalty for sin, some over-conscientious people have thought it not only useless but even irreverent and sinful to make any attempt to mitigate the sufferings of childbirth. We do not regard this objection of sufficient force to be worthy of serious attention, and are thankful to be able to say to the thousands of mothers who often go so near to death's door for the purpose of bringing into life another, that it is possible, in a very great degree, to ameliorate their sufferings. We have known of some cases indeed, in which by proper care and treatment during pregnancy the pain was almost entirely banished. In one instance, the lady declared that she suffered no pain whatever. We will now call attention to a few of the most important points to be observed for obtaining this desirable end.