The Symptoms of Inflammation Of The Spinal Cord or Myelitis

Slight fever; dull, aching pain in the back; gradual loss of motion and sensation in the limbs; loss of control in the bladder and rectum; sensation as of a cord tied around the body; tenderness of the spine; pain induced by applying a hot sponge over the seat of disease; formation of bed-sores; prickling; sensation of cold and heat; numbness; nervous sensations in the limbs.

This affection is an inflammation of the substance of the cord itself. Suppuration, softening, or induration may result. The disease is generally caused by exposure to great heat or cold, or by sexual excesses. The most that can be done is to palliate the patient's sufferings by good nursing, as there is no known remedy by which a cure may be effected.

A form of inflammation of the spine which occurs in small children is a cause of infantile paralysis, under which head it is considered in the section devoted to diseases of children.