The Symptoms of Inflammation Of The Vagina - Vaginitis

Hot and burning pain in the vagina; aching pain in the perinoeum: frequent urination; profuse and purulent leucorrhoea; soreness of the externa! parts.

This affection very closely resembles gonorrhoea, from which it is sometimes difficult to distinguish it In a somewhat rare variety of the disease the whole vaginal mucous membrane is covered with granulations, which renders it exceedingly sensitive. The causes of vaginitis are cold, irritating discharges from the womb, caustics, badly fitting supporters, self-abuse, and excessive coitus.

The Treatment of Inflammation Of The Vagina - Vaginitis

An acute attack of vaginitis can generally be cured in ten days or two weeks by the employment of sitz baths, warm douches, injections of starch water, and resting in bed. Other measures are seldom necessary. When the disease is chronic, longer time is required for a cure. Glycerine and tannin, in the proportion of one half dram of the latter to one ounce of the former, is an excellent remedy in chronic vaginitis, to be applied to the affected part daily or every other day by means of cotton saturated with the solution. A solution of chlcrate of potash, a dram to a half pint of water, is also a very useful remedy. Dr. Smith, of London, especially recommends a solution of half an ounce of alum and a dram of tannin to a quart of water, one-half to be used at night and the other half in the morning.

Gonorrhoea in females is to be treated upon essentially the same plan.