Medicinal Eruptions

Many medicines occasion eruptions upon the skin. Arsenic produces herpes, hardness of the palms of the hands, eczema, and ugly ulcerations, by contact with the skin. Iodide of potash produces acne. Bromide of potash produces acne and ecthyma. Tar is a cause of comedo and acne. Copaiba occasions terrible itching, and frequently urticaria and vesicular eruptions. Arnica and sulphur both give rise to eczema


This is a disease of the skin characterized by small, hard, pale, or flesh-colored pimples, which, in their earlier stages can be felt under the skin often before they are visible. The eruption is attended by violent itching, and a sensation as of ants crawling upon the skin.

The Treatment of Prurigo

Vapor baths, packs, full baths, hot sponging of the skin, and improvement of the general health.