Lightning Strike

Suspended respiration inconsequence of lightning-strike, also calls for the application of artificial respiration. Any one of the methods above described may be employed. Burns, fractures of the bones, paralysis, and various other injuries which result by injury from lightning, should be treated as when produced by other causes.

Clothes on Fire

A little presence of mind at the moment when clothing takes fire, will generally prevent the frightful burns, often followed by fatal consequences, which occur by the clothing taking fire.

On the occurrence of this accident, from whatever cause, the individual should at once envelop himself in a blanket, cloak, shawl, carpet, rug, or any other article by means of which the flames may be smothered. Fire cannot burn without air. By depriving the fire of oxygen, the flames may be speedily extinguished. Fig. 386 illustrates the application of this method to a child.

Flg. 386. Extingushing Clothes Fire With A Blanket.

Flg. 386. Extingushing Clothes Fire With A Blanket.