Overgrowth Of The Breast

This condition may be due to an over-accumulation of fat or to an actual overgrowth of the gland itself. The causes of the first condition, are obesity, and masturbation and other sexual excesses. Overgrowth of the gland itself is due to the organ not diminishing in size after lactation. In the first form, the breast is large and soft. In the second, it contains nodular masses which are portions of the enlarged gland. Proper treatment of the first form consists in removal of the causes; hot and cold applications in the second form of the affection.

Atrophy Of The Breast

This is a much more frequent condition than the preceding. The breast is flat anil the nipple small. This condition is sometimes due to deficient development of the ovaries, in which cases it is accompanied by amenorrhoea. The more frequent cause is compression of the breast by means of stays, corsets, or artificial forms. This difficulty is very obstinate, frequently yielding to no method of treatment that can be employed.