The Symptoms of Softening Of The Bones - Mollities Ossium - Osteo Malachia

Boring, tearing pain in the bones, relieved by quiet, increated by motion; pain at first thought to be rheumatic; slight fever; much sediment in urine; gait tottering and uncertain distortion of body and limbs; general health often not impaired for some time.

This is a disease in which the bones undergo a process of softening by the removal of the phosphates and various other earthy matters which give them solidity. Fatty degeneration of the bones takes place, so that they become weak and fragile. The distortion of the body sometimes becomes very great, affecting the whole skeleton. This disease most frequently occurs in women, beginning a short time after confinement, especially in cases in which there has been injury to the pelvic bones, which constitutes a starting point of the disease.

The Treatment of Softening Of The Bones - Mollities Ossium - Osteo Malachia

Fortunately, this disease is very rare, as it is incurable. The most that can be done is to prevent distortion of the body by proper support of the parts most likely to become deformed.