This is a spasmodic affection of the circular muscle of the eye which closes the lids. When severe, the eyelids are pressed so firmly together that the patient cannot open them. Indeed, in some cases the contraction is so strong that the eyelids cannot be drawn open without very great pain. In other cases, there is only temporary twitching or contraction of the lids, which soon disappears. This affection is generally due to irritation of the eye, as in inflammation of the cornea or conjunctiva. It sometimes occurs in connection with neuralgia of the face. The irritation occasioned by foreign bodies in the eye often produces severe spasms.

The Treatment of Spasm of the Eyelids

When due to inflammation, or dirt in the eye, the cause must be removed by proper treatment. When occasioned by neuralgia, heat should be applied, together with other remedies for that affection. In cases in which it seems to be independent of these conditions, it may often be removed by pressure of the finger upon the supraorbital nerve. This may be accomplished by pressing with the fin ger upon a point just above the little notch which may be felt by passing the finger along the eyebrow. Strong pressure just in front of the ear will also sometimes instantly relieve spasm of the eye. Another excellent remedy is holding the face in cold water for some minutes, or the application of ice compresses over the eye.