Many persons are constantly annoyed by various floating objects before the eyes, sometimes described as specks, and again as cobwebs, circles, strings of beads, etc. Sometimes opaque spots of considerable size are present. The small specks, cobweb appearances, etc., are generally due to disturbance of the rays of light by changes in the cell structure of the vitreous humor of the eye. The larger and denser spots are generally due to the presence of small clots, or rather opaque bodies in the vitreous humor. These can be readily seen by examination of the eye by the ophthalmoscope. Cases have been met with in which the embryo of the tape-worm, or the cysticercus, were found in the humors of the eye. Persons whose eyes are healthy, are often annoyed with floating specks. As a general thing, they need not give serious alarm. They are by some considered as an indication of an inactive state of the liver, and in some cases, of disease of the womb. The spots can generally be seen quite readily by persons troubled with them, by looking at a white surface through a pin-hole opening in a card. A bright light covered by a ground-glass shade is a good object to look at these little objects sometimes become quite an annoyance. An eminent German microscopist has been obliged to make a map of the opacities in his eyes, for use in correcting the observations which he makes with the microscope.

The Treatment of Specks before the Eye - Muscae Volitantes

The most that can be done is to improve the general health of the patient In case the liver is inactive, fomentations should be applied over the organ daily, and the abdominal bandage should be worn at night. Condiments, butter, fat meats, tea or coffee, tobacco, and alcoholic liquors should be carefully avoided. In some cases, benefit may be derived by the application of fomentations and of electricity to the eye.