One of the best remedies for acidity, and one which is likely to do no harm while it does much good, is pulverized charcoal. It must be very finely pulverized, being sifted through a cloth, must be of the best quality, and fresh. That made of boxwood or cocoa-nut shells is best. It may be taken in powder, in doses of a half teaspoonful, with water; but the dry powder, taken in capsules, is best. Charcoal may be combined with the food, in crackers, rolls, biscuit, and other articles; and when thus used is often very efficient in preventing sourness; but its value is greatly lessened by mixture with other substances. When old it is almost valueless. As large a quantity as two or three ounces has been taken after a meal without injury.

Heart-burn may be treated as directed for acidity.