The Symptoms of Stricture Of The Uterine Canal

The patient suffers very painful menstruation and pain, beginning one or two days before the menstrual flow begins, being of a "bearing down" character.

Stricture of the canal of the uterus is a cause of the most extreme pain in those who suffer with this difficulty. It may be a natural defect, which is not felt until the beginning of menstruation, or it may result from long-continued uterine catarrh, or from anteflexion, a condition in which the organ is bent upon itself.

The Treatment of Stricture Of The Uterine Canal

This disease, when dependent upon anteflexion, or uterine catarrh, is generally relieved by correction of these conditions. When it is congenital, however, in many cases the condition has required a surgical operation of some kind. When the oft-repeated suffering is long-continued, it may so wear upon the patient as to cause a complete breaking down of the nervous system; hence it is important that it should receive early and prompt attention; and if not speedily relieved, the services of a competent physician should be secured.