This form of headache may arise from disturbance of the stomach, liver, or from irritation of the uterus or ovaries. Headache arising from disturbance of the stomach or liver is generally felt in the front part of the head just above the eyes. The temples are also sometimes affected. Headache from uterine or ovarian irritation is chiefly felt at the top of the head.

The Treatment of Sympathetic Headache

This form of headache can be permanently relieved only by the cure of the disorders upon which it depends. Temporary relief will generally be obtained by the application of a fomentation over the part with which the headache is sympathetic, as over the region of the stomach, in stomach headache, and over the lower part of the bowels in uterine and ovarian headache. In some of the latter cases, a hot fomentation over the spine, followed by a rubbing with the hand, dipped in cold water is an excellent means of affording relief. Wearing the wet abdominal bandage at night, and, in severe cases, both night and day, for a time, will often relieve a persistent headache due to derangements of the stomach and bowels. The wet compress, worn over the lower part of the spine, is very frequently effective for the relief of headaches which depend upon irritation of the uterus or ovaries. A hot vaginal douche, used daily, and frequent sitz baths, are also excellent measures in the latter cases.