This habit, when thoroughly fixed upon an individual, is scarcely less difficult of abandonment, in many cases, than the use of opium. Some persons are able to enounce their accustomed pipe or cigar at once, even after the habit has been indulged for many years, while others are only able to succeed after repeated attempts. We do not need to consider here the evil results of the tobacco habit, as the subject has been thor oughly discussed under the head of "Stimulants and Narcotics," to which the reader is referred.

The Treatment of a Tobacco Habit

The secret of success in the treatment of the tobacco habit, is in relieving the system entirely from the influence of the drug as quickly as possible. This is best done after the patient has discontinued the habit, by the use of hot-air, vapor, Turkish and Russian baths, or by the use of the wet-sheet pack. The last-named remedy is quite as effective as any of the others. The odor of nicotine can be distinguished in the perspiration of a patient long accustomed to the use of tobacco, for several days after the habit has been discontinued. Electricity, preferably in the form of galvanization of the spine, fomentations to the spine, leg baths, with cold applications to the head, fomentations over the stomach and liver, and frequent dry-hand rubbing are very effective measures of allaying the nervousness from which many patients suffer, after dispensing with their usual quid or cigar. We have treated hundreds of patients for the tobacco habit, and have rarely failed to obtain complete success by the above measures, well backed up by the cooperation of the patient, within a week or ten days. Substitutes for tobacco are utterly worthless. As was remarked with reference to substitutes for alcoholic drinks, anything which would produce the same effect would be equally detrimental, and nothing else would be accepted by the tobacco-user as a substitute. The so-called substitutes which are now sold quite extensively, undoubtedly contain a considerable proportion of tobacco. At least, this has been the case with those we have examined.