The treatment should be essentially the same as that described for cholera morbus. The application of cold to the stomach is very beneficial. Where the child cannot swallow ice, iced-water may be given in very small quantities every few minutes. A matter of very great importance in the treatment of cholera infantum is giving the stomach entire rest. No attempt should be made to feed the child for at least twenty-four hours. There will be no suffering for want of food if it is withheld as long as the stomach is in such a condition. If the patient has an appetite, well-diluted milk may be given in small quantities after the vomiting has been quieted for some time. The milk should be diluted very considerably, at least two parts of water to one part of milk being employed at first. Also add a little lime-water if cow's milk be used. In case this is vomited, well-made beef-tea may be used. The beef-tea should be entirely free from fat In case this is rejected, the patient may be nourished by means of the white of egg dissolved in cold water, or with beef tea enemas. If possible, the egg should be beaten to a froth, as it is more easily digested in this condition. Great care should be taken to keep the extremities warm and dry. With proper care and the application of the measures suggested, cholera infantum will not often prove a fatal disease.