The author of the article on hay fever in Ziemssens Cyclopedia of Medicine says, "Treatment is still powerless against hay fever." It has long been considered as settled that drugs are of no value in the treatment of this affection. We have found, however, that by the employment of Turkish, vapor, Russian, and similar baths, the patient's sufferings may be very greatly mitigated, more than by any other means. For several years we have annually had a number of these cases under treatment, and have found that in nearly every case the disease can be controlled by the treatment named. In most cases the patient is very greatly relieved while in the bath, and the relief continues for some time after. If care is taken in the interval of treatment to avoid exposure to the cause of the malady, in nearly all eases the attack can be greatly lessened in severity, much shortened, and, in some cases, broken up altogether. The employment of the hot-vapor inhalation is another remedy of great value in cases in which the asthmatic symptoms are prominent. Hot and cold applications to the spine are also useful in some cases. In many persons the real disease is aggravated by taking cold. It is superfluous to say that the greatest care must be exercised to avoid any aggravation of this sort.