In respect to no disease have the advantages of thorough quarantine been so thoroughly illustrated as in this. The necessity for isolation of infected indivuals was well understood many years ago. When the plague broke out in a little town in lower Italy, an army was sent to prevent any individual from escaping into the surrounding country, and in order to make the quarantine more complete, the village was surrounded by three deep ditches, which were kept by soldiers under strict orders to shoot any individuals who attempted to escape. Almost equally vigorous measures were taken by the Russian government during the recent epidemic in that country. The good results were shown in both instances in the staying of the progress of the disease. There is no special plan of treatment which seems to have any particular influence upon this terrible malady. The best that can be done is to treat patients upon general principles. At the beginning of the disease, when the fever is high, cold should be applied. Fomentations and poultices should be applied to the suppurating glands.