The Symptoms of Throat Consumption or Laryngeal Tuberculosis

Chiefly those of acute and chronic laryngitis; in addition, shortness of breath; hectic fever; emaciation and general debility; pulmonary consumption.

This disease most often occurs in the latter stages of pulmonary tuberculosis, or consumption. It occasionally occurs as an independent disease. Its causes are essentially the same as those which are elsewhere described as productive of tubercular disease of the lungs. The disease cannot be readily distinguished from other affections of the larynx unless the patient is also suffering from lung disease of some character.

The Treatment of Throat Consumption or Laryngeal Tuberculosis

The treatment is essentially the same as that recommended for chronic catarrh of the larynx. Little can be hoped for, as the disease is almost always fatal. However, much can be done to palliate the sufferings of the patient. Drinking a glass of hot milk early in the morning will frequently relieve the harassing morning cough to a considerable degree. The patient must be required to abstain as much as possible from "hawking" and coughing, which are exceedingly annoying in this disease. The employment of hot vapor inhalations and chlorate of potash spray are found the most useful internal remedies. Local applications to the throat are also of some service. It is important that the patient should be kept in a warm, moist atmosphere as much as possible. Attention should be given to the general health, as directed for pulmonary consumption.