The Symtoms of Tumors Of The Brain

Headache, confined to a email space; constant dizziness; momentary loss of consciousness; roaring in the ears; sensation of ants crawling; numbness in different parts of the body; bright spots before the eyes; irritability of mind; delirium; epileptic convulsions; vomiting; paralysis; loss of vision.

The Causes of Tumors Of The Brain

By far the most common cause of tumors in the brain is syphilis, although the disease may arise from unknown causes. We met with a case of the latter kind a few years ago in which the patient had for a number of years, at intervals of several weeks or months, suffered repeated attacks of what appeared to be a severe form of neuralgia, accompanied by contraction of the muscles of the neck. The disease gradually increased until finally impairment of vision began, and, after a time, sight was entirely lost. The pain in the head now became at times almost unendurable, and resisted all remedies. We pronounced the case one of tumor of the brain, occurring (at the base of the skull, at such a point as to press upon the optic nerve. The patient was a native of Switzerland. He returned to his relatives, who took him to several of the principal hospitals of that country, to consult the eminent physicians in charge. Our diagnosis of the case was confirmed, and the case pronounced a hopeless one. The patient was still living the last we heard of him, several years after he returned to his native country, but was in such a sad condition that he was expected to die at almost any time.

The Treatment of Tumors Of The Brain

As might be readily supposed, treatment is of little consequence in this affection. The most that can be done is to give attention to the patient's general health, and palliate his symptoms as much as possible.