This is a condition in which the veins are greatly dilated and become tortuous in their course. It is occasioned by occupations which require long standing upon the feet, by constipation, and especially, in women, by pregnancy.

The Treatment of Varicose Veins

The disease is seldom cured; but its inconvenience may be greatly lessened by the use of the elastic silk stocking or the elastic bandage. The latter measure we very much prefer for the majority of cases. The bandage should be applied from the toes to above the affected part. It should be applied smoothly and with even pressure. Little pressure is required, as the natural swelling of the limb in standing will produce all the tension necessary, although a very slight pressure may be employed in the application of the bandage with the limb in a horizontal position. The patient should take care to keep the affected limb horizontal or slightly elevated as much as possible, so as to encourage the flow of the blood toward the heart Sometimes the dilation of the vein becomes so great that rupture occurs. In case of such an accident, the patient should at once elevate his limb as high as possible and place a small roll of cloth, as a folded pocket-handkerchief, over the point of rupture, applying strong pressure over the compress.