The Symptoms of Diabetes Insipidis

Gradually increased quantity of pale urine, free from sugar.

Almost the sole symptom of this disease is that mentioned. The urine differs from that of diabetes mellitus in being entirely free from sugar. The amount of urine produced by patients suffering from this disease is almost incredible. The usual quantity is from three to ten quarts and cases are recorded in which so large an amount as between ten and eleven gallons has been produced in twenty-four hours. This disease is generally regarded as one of the mildest from which a person may suffer. It gives rise to no marked disturbances of the system, and has, in some instances, been tolerated without seeming injury to the system for fifty years.

The Causes of Diabetes Insipidis

In addition to the hereditary predisposition to the disease the most frequently observed causes are injuries to the spine, chronic dis eases of the brain and spinal cord, violent emotions or excessive physical exertion, the use of alcohol, and the drinking of large quantities of cold liquids. The prominent symptom of the disease is now generally believed to be due to derangement of some part of the nervous system, probably of certain nerve-centers located in the base of the brain.