This is a mild form of chronic bronchitis which affects the patient only in winter. It is, in fact, the precursor of the more formidable disease. The patient takes a cold at the beginning of winter, and does not get entirely rid of it until the commencement of warm weather. He is then free from the cough until the following winter, when another cold is contracted which hangs on a little longer than before, perhaps lasting a good part of the summer. The next fall a cold is contracted earlier than before, and the following summer the cough does not disappear entirely. Now the patient is really suffering with chronic bronchitis; and this is the way in which the majority of cases begin.

The Treatment of Winter Cough

The treatment for winter cough is the same as recommended for chronic bronchitis. For tightness in the chest, nothing will give so prompt relief as a hot fomentation at night followed by inhalation of the vapor of hot water, and a moist compress to be worn upon the chest during the night.