ARTICLES. -- Scheele's green, arsenious acid, orpiment, king's yellow, realgar, fly powder, ague drops, arsenical paste and arsenical soap, rat poison.

SYMPTOMS. -- Pain and burning in the stomach, dryness of throat, cramps, purging, vomiting, hoarseness and difficulty of speech, eyes red and sparkling, suppression of urine, matter vomited greenish or yellowish.

TREATMENT. -- Give large quantities of milk and raw eggs, lime-water, or flour and water. Then castor-oil; or, if tincture of iron is within reach, take from half to a full teaspoonful of it, and mix with it a little bicarbonate of soda or saleratus, and administer it to the person, and follow it with an emetic. This acts as a real antidote -- the chemical combination resulting being insoluble in the fluids of the stomach.