The early symptoms of cancer of the stomach are usually similar to chronic gastritis. The appetite is impaired, and frequent nausea and vomiting supervene. The pain in the stomach is of a lancinating character. The gastric functions are impaired, and the mucous discharges become sour and purulent, finally bloody, and if subjected to microscopical examination, cancer cells are found. The complexion has a yellowish-white, waxen appearance, which distinguishes cancer from other diseases of the stomach.

TREATMENT. -- The treatment consists chiefly in combating the symptoms as they occur. Condurango should be given a fair trial in all cases. If the disease has reached a certain stage, no remedy will produce a radical impression; but I have the assurance that I have cured many cases of well-defined cancer of the stomach, in more or less advanced stages of the disease, by the employment of consistent and energetic chemical treatment.