This is a very mild eruptive disease, characterized by a slight fever of short duration, and followed by vesicles which desquamate about the fifth or sixth day. The fever is sometimes ushered in by slight rigors, though there is seldom any chill. There is often headache, and vomiting occasionally. The eruption appears in one or two days after the inauguration of the fever. It consists of red spots at first, which quickly become vesicular, and are frequently attended with itching.

TREATMENT. -- Very little treatment is required, except in cases of feeble vitality, when the disease often assumes a severe character. In such cases the stomach and bowels should be well-cleansed, the surface sponged with hot water, and the fever controlled with arterial sedatives. Tonics should be given if the patient is enfeebled. The diet should be nutritious, but composed of easily digested articles.