This bone is usually broken by violence upon the shoulder, arm, and hand. It is generally broken near the middle of the bone, the part is painful and swollen, and every attempt at motion produces pain; the shoulder is sunken and drawn towards the breast-bone. The patient usually is found supporting the arm with his hand, to relieve the pressure upon the sensitive network of nerves in the armpit.

TREATMENT. -- Push the shoulder backwards, and press on the seat of fracture, until you get it in its place. Then make a wedge-shaped pad and put it in the armpit and secure it there by a bandage, which surrounds the chest. Then bring the elbow to the side, and place the fore-arm in a sling; then take bandages, and secure the whole arm so tightly in that position that it cannot be moved. The surgeon may then be called, or, if the above advice is properly and effectually obeyed, the cure will be a good one.