This consists of an accumulation of blood in the cerebral vessels. The countenance is flushed, the eyes suffused, light becomes intolerable, and there is singing in the ears, vertigo, momentary loss of speech, and sometimes delirium. Simple congestion is merely a functional affection, and in a slight or moderate degree involves no immediate danger. It may, however, produce apoplexy and sudden death. It is caused by any mechanical impediment to the return of blood from the head, as tumor of the neck, heart disease, etc. It is a concomitant to nearly every inflammatory cerebral affection.

TREATMENT. -- The treatment consists in diverting the blood from the head by hot mustard foot baths, and an active cathartic. Ice or cold water may also be applied to the head, and the circulation reduced by veratrum. The treatment is the same as advised in apoplexy, in all essential particulars.