This is characterized by increase of urine, containing sugar. The first indications of this disease are languor, dry, and harsh skin, intense thirst, pain in the small of back, constipation, with alternate chill and fever. After a time the general health gives way, and there are muscular weakness, loss of sexual power, pain in the loins, coldness of extremities, a burning sensation in the hands and feet, loss of weight, and a chloroform odor of breath. The gums become spongy, the teeth decay, the mind becomes depressed and irritable, and the appetite voracious. Consumption is often a sequel to this disease. The urine has a sweetish taste, due to the presence of sugar, which can readily be discovered by adding yeast to the urine, which gives rise to various fermentation.

TREATMENT. -- A healthy state of the general system should be maintained by fresh air, frequent baths, and a generous diet. No sacchaarine or starchy articles of food should be eaten. The bowels and liver should be gently stimulated by small doses of leptandrin and leontodin. Great success is obtained by the use of unicorn root. Mecca oil has also been successfully employed in this disease.

Diabetic patients who may desire the author to treat them, may consult him as directed on page 390.