This is the most common disease of the heart, and may be connected with various structural changes of the organ, yet it frequently exists independently of any organic lesion, and is often sympathetically dependent upon dyspepsia, hypochondria, hysterica, mental agitation, venereal excesses, masturbation, etc. It may also be due to a low and deficient state of the blood, or anaemia. The impulse is weak, fluttering, or tumultuous, generally increased by trifling causes. The beats are increased in frequency, sometimes marked by intermission, and occasionally accompanied by a bellows murmur. The complexion is generally pallid and bloodless, the lips and inside of mouth also pale, the pulse quick and jerking, and the patient complains of breathlessness and fainting. He dislikes animal food, but relishes acids. In females the deficiency of menstrual flow is superseded by the whites, or sometimes the flow becomes very profuse.

TREATMENT. -- During the paroxysm a compound of yellow jasmine, scull-cap, and ladies'-slipper should be given, in sufficient doses every hour, until relieved. The feet should be bathed in warm water and the patient avoid all exertion or excitement. If due to anaemia, the proper remedies as well as nourishing diet should be prescribed. If co-existent with dyspepsia, hypochondria, etc., the proper treatment for those affections should be instituted.