This is inflammation of the kidneys, and which may occur either in its substance, its lining membrane, or in its capsule. The symptoms are deep-seated pain in the small of the back, extending down the groins in one or both sides, increased by pressure; urination either increased or diminished, urine scanty and high-colored, and mixed with blood or gravelly matters. If both kidneys are affected the urine may be suppressed, and comatose symptoms present themselves. Chills, fever, deranged stomach, and constipation nearly always attend it. The testicle is retracted, which distinguishes this disease from lumbago, etc. It runs very rapidly into suppuration, the sign of which is the appearance of pus in the urine.

TREATMENT. -- The disease should be controlled by the use of hot packs, vapor baths, lobelia emetics, mild purges, and the internal administration of aconite and veratrum. The mucilaginous drinks should be drunk, and the opiates given if the pain is very severe. In chronic nephritis, where there is debility of the organ, the best remedies are turpentine, copaiba, buchu, uva urse, pareira brava, and pipsissewa.