In this case the leg is shortened and the foot is turned inwards. It may be dislocated in five different ways;--upwards and backwards is, however, the most common dislocation. In all cases you may know that displacement has occurred, by comparison with the articulated limb.

TREATMENT. -- The accident is so serious that no attempt should be made at reduction, except by a surgeon, but if it happens when no such aid can be procured, you may proceed as in dislocation of the shoulder. If you cannot make sufficient extension in that way, you may attach pulleys to a towel fastened above the knee, and make counter-extension by means of a folded sheet in the perinaeum. After full extension is accomplished, push the head into the socket, or so manipulate the leg that its movements will force reduction. After reduction, the patient should be kept at rest, and walking should not be attempted for several weeks.