The fluid extract is the most elegant form for administering medicinal agents, being concentrated, and containing just enough alcohol to preserve them from degeneration by age. They can, therefore, be administered in all inflammatory conditions, in which tinctures containing a greater quantity of alcohol are not admissible.

My fluid extracts are superior to any that are manufactured. They are prepared without the aid of heat, in perfect vacuum, and from plants gathered at the proper seasons, in soils best adapted for medicinal perfection, and in climates to which they are indigenous, and in which they attain their richest medicinal development. This is not the case with other manufacturers--they prepare them from plants of indiscriminate selection, which accounts for their frequent worthlessness. These fluid-extracts are guaranteed for high character and reliability, and physicians can depend upon their action with all confidence.

It is my particular desire in preparing them to offer to households good and convenient remedies, by which they can treat all cases of sickness occurring. They will find them, by the aid of this work, very advantageous for domestic medication. To meet the wants of families, the author sells them in standard small quantities, as it is not to be supposed that they desire or have use for such large quantities that physicians or druggists ordinarily purchase.

It will be seen that the list is very complete, and so systematically arranged that no error can occur, as the virtues and doses of each are appended. Those marked with a star * should not be used without the advice of a physician, and even then the administering should be very carefully and watchfully done.

These extracts are sent by express, on receipt of price, carefully packed in strong boxes. All of them are warranted to possess the highest excellence of virtue, and to exert the full therapeutic effects desired.


21 Grand st., Jersey City, N. J.

List contains 152 Herbal Extracts, from Aconite Leaves through Yellow Parilla, ranging from $.20 to $.40 per fluid ounce.

    Exceptions are:

Coca    $3.00
    Condurango    2.00
    Ipacac     1.00

In the administration of these fluid extracts the minimum dose should first be given, and if the desired effect is not fully responsive, the doses should be gradually increased to the maximum dose. In some cases even larger doses may be required than those given as ordinarily sufficient for inducing their therapeutic effects.

In consequence of trouble in packing, not less than TWO DOLLARS' worth of these fluid-extracts will be sent at one time, unless ordered in connection with some of my Standard Remedies. The quantity may either consist of one medicine, or of an indiscriminate selection from the whole list. They are packed in strong bottles, fully labelled, and guaranteed pure. They can only be sent by express.

All orders should be addressed to

21 Grand st., Jersey City, N. J.