This consists of an accumulation of fluid in one or more cells within the ovary, or in a serous cyst connected with the uterine appendages. The ovary loses its original form and structure, and frequently attains an immense size, containing several gallons of water. The effusion sadly interferes with respiration, and it causes exhaustion and often peritonitis. The serum may exist within the cavity of the abdomen, or be confined within the cystic tumor. As the tumor enlarges, it ascends the pelvis and occupies more and more of the abdominal cavity, and may float loosely in the fluid within it, and form adhesions to the peritoneum, omentum, or neighboring viscera.

TREATMENT. -- Galvanism is often very successful. The current should be passed through the tumor, and be as strong as the patient can bear it, and should be passed in all directions for half an hour several times a day. The hydragogue cathartics and diuretics should also be given, and the alteratives administered  The strength of the patient should be well supported.

This disease is curable by medicinal treatment alone in its early stages if properly treated, but may become so far advanced under improper management, that tapping becomes necessary, or, if the patient's strength will allow, the removal of the whole tumor.

The author would be pleased to correspond with any lady suffering from this serious disease.