This is a collection of water in the membrane which surrounds the testicles. It is often caused by rheumatism, gout, scrofula, etc. In some cases the accumulation is very large. It may be distinguished from scrotal hernia by pressing the tumor towards the anus; if it bounds rapidly forward it is hydrocele.

TREATMENT. -- The following is excellent. Take queen of the meadow, one ounce; colt's foot, one-fourth pound; yellow parilla, one-fourth pound. Make one quart of decoction of syrup, and take one tablespoonful three times a day. A suspensory bandage should be worn. These can be had from me at reasonable prices. In some cases the scrotum must be tapped, and the vinous tincture of hemlock bark injected to prevent the return of the effusions.

I have under my treatment at all times many dropsical patients, and if received under my care at a reasonable early stage, no necessity for tapping arises, and the patient is cured by medical treatment alone. Any one desirous of consulting me, may refer to page 390 for the necessary question to be answered.