Description. -- This plant has a thick, top-shaped, aromatic, and perennial root, with a thick, leafy, round, solid stem, from four to six feet high. The leaves are large, ovate, dark green above, downy and hoary beneath, with a fleshy mid-rib. The flowers are of a bright yellow color, and the fruit an achenium.
    History. -- Elecampane is common in Europe, and cultivated in the United States. It grows in pastures and along road-sides, blossoming from July to September. The root is the part used, and should be gathered in the second year of its development, and during the fall months. It yields its properties to water and alcohol, more especially to the former.
    Properties and Uses. -- It is aromatic, stimulant, tonic, emmenagogue, diuretic, and diaphoretic. It is much used in chronic pulmonary affections, weakness of the digestive organs, hepatic torpor, dyspepsia, etc.
    Dose. -- Of the powder, from one scruple to one drachm; of the infusion, one to two fluid ounces.