Formerly electric machines were unreliable, always troublesome, and constantly getting out of order, a source of annoyance and perplexity. All these inconveniences are now obviated in this machine (see cut), which is manufactured for us by the Galvano-Faradac Manufacturing Company. It combines cheapness, simplicity and power. The method of using it may be made known in a few sentences which are sent with the machine. The use of electricity for medical purposes, comfined some few years since to a few specialists, has now become of common use in families all over the country, and it is a very valuable remedy in a wide range of diseases, and especially is it reliable when used in connection with my Herbal Ointment. Thus used it is important in nervous affections, paralysis, general debility, loss of voice, when it comes from fatigue, hysteria or fright; appoplexy, prolapsus and, muscular atrophy, facial palsy, varicose veins, aneurism, vomiting, hydrocele, paralysis of the muscles of the eye, cerebral softening, hemiplegia, hydatids, enlarged joints, lead palsy, enlargement of spleen, neuralgia, numbness, rheumatism, gout, swellings, weak or diseased spine, tumors, etc., etc. After the application of the electric current my Herbal Ointment should be freely applied and well-rubbed in over the afflicted parts. The beneficial result of the union of these two powerful external remedies in many cases cannot be overestimated -- the one arousing action and electrifying, the other healing, soothing, and giving warmth and renewed life, health and strength.

Price of Ointment 25 and 50 cents per pot; 2 and 4 cts. Extra for postage.

If constipation exists in any of the above diseases a few doses of my Renovating Pills ahould be taken.

For a farther description of my Herbal Ointment send for my "Treatise on Herbal Remedies," which is supplied free to all applicants.