EMMENAGOGUES are medicines which promote the menstrual discharge.

EMOLLIENTS are those remedies which, when applied to the solids of the body, render them soft and flexible.

ERRHINES are substances which, when applied to the lining membrane of the nostrils, occasion a discharge of mucous fluid.

EPISPASTICS are those which cause blisters when applied to the surface.

ESCHAROTICS are substances used to destroy a portion of the surface of the body, forming sloughs.

EXPECTORANTS are medicines capable of facilitating the excretion of mucus from the chest.

NARCOTICS are those substances having the property of diminishing the action of the nervous and vascular systems, and of inducing sleep.

RUABEFACIENTS are remedies which excite the vessels of the skin and increase its heat and redness.

SEDATIVES are medicines which have the power of allaying the actions of the systems generally, or of lessening the exercise of some particular function.

SIALAGOGUES are medicines which increase the flow of the saliva.

STIMULANTS are medicines capaable of exciting the vital energy, whether as exerted in sensation or motion.

TONICS are those medicines which increase the tone or healthy action, or strength of the living system.