COMMON NAMES. Rock Polypod, Brake Root, Common Polypody.
    MEDICINAL PARTS. The root and tops.
    Description. -- This perennial has a creeping, irregular, brown root. The fronds are from six to twelve inchs high, green, smooth, and deeply pinnatified. The fruit on the lower surface of the fronds is in large golden dots or capsules.
    History. -- This fern is common on shady rocks in woods and mountains throughout the United States. The root has a peculiar and rather unpleasant odor, and somewhat sickening taste. Water extracts its properties.
    Properties and Uses. -- This plant is pectoral, demulcent, purgative, and anthelmintic. A decoction of syrup has been found very valuable in pulmonary and hepatic diseases. A strong decoction is a good purgative, and will expel tenia and other worms. Dose of the powdered plant, from one to four drachms. Of the decoction or syrup, from one to four fluid ounces, three or four times a day.