This is one of the results of abused or neglected gonorrhoea. It is a continued discharge of a thin and clear character, after the inflammatory and painful early symptoms have disappeared. It is caused by debility of the parts, or by unhealthy action of the glands in the urinary passage. It is sometimes, especially in persons of a scrofulous habit, a fixture for years, and constitutes a drain upon the system, the effects of which can only be obviated by the most scrupulous care and attention. The old style of treatment involved the use of cauterizing injections, and the bougie, together with blisters applied to the perinaeum. It had the effect of imperfectly remedying, or else of aggravating the complaint, and rendering it next to impossible of cure.

TREATMENT. -- Same as for acute gonorrhoea, but it should be more energetic.

Those who may wish to instrust their cases to my treatment, may rest assured that they will be quickly cured, and everything held confidential. The fear of exposure does frequently much mischief, and the dread of losing caste in society, or a feeling of shame, often tempts the sufferer to withhold his case from the family physician for treatment, or he may endure his mental and physical torture in silence as long as he can, and then finally intrust his case to the ignorance of a companion, who may know some recipe, or he may employ the treatment of some incompetent, uneducated physician, found everywhere, especially in large cities, who also maltreats the case, so that finally the disease, which at first was readily curable, has become a very serious affection.

The wrong of such a course is obvious, and I advise the reader, who has or may become unfortunate in this respect, to confide his or her case to some honorable and competent physician, as soon as the disease manifests itself.