The source of the blood voided through the urethra may be either from the kidney, bladder, or urethra. When it proceeds from the kidneys, it is attended with a sense of heat and pain in the loins, and sometimes with coldness of the extremities, and the blood is intimately mixed with the urine. When the disease is in the ureters, there is a sense of pain in their course, and fibrous shreds having the shape of the ureters are voided. When the hemorrhage is from the bladder, it is usually preceded by heaviness and tension in that region, extending to the perineum, groins, and small of back; the urine is passed with difficulty; the blood is little, if at all, combined with the urine. If from the urethra, the blood is red, liquid and pure, and comes away generally drop by drop.

TREATMENT. -- This depends upon its seat and cause. If from the kidneys, the oils of origanum, copaiba, cubebs and turpentine should be administered, and hot packs applied externally. If the urine is alkaline, as in typhus fever and scurvy, the acids should be given. If from the bladder or urethra, matico or other vegetable astringents should be injected. The avoidance of stimulants and absolute rest should be insisted on in every case.