This, in its widest acceptation, includes all uneasy sensations of the head. It may be confined to one spot, or embrace one side, as in hemicrania; or it may be diffused, and of indefinite extent. It may be felt in the depths of the brain, or only in the scalp and cranium, and continue for an instant, or last for days and weeks. It is usually paroxysmal, and the pain may be simple or very violent. It is a constant attendant to the different forms of inflammation of the brain. It is caused by various conditions; decayed teeth may cause it. When confined to one side, the pain is of a lancinating character; when due to a disordered stomach, it occurs in the forehead and temples; when it occurs from a congestive state of the brain, it is of a dull, heavy, aching character; when due to spinal irritation, there is a protracted pain in the top or back part of the head; and when it is accompanied by nausea and vomiting, it is called "sick-headache."

TREATMENT. -- Immediate relief may frequently be obtained by thoroughly evacuating the stomach, and drinking hot tea or coffee, followed by adding ten drops of tincture of belladonna to a tumblerful of water, and taking one teaaspoonful every ten or fifteen minutes. A hot foot-bath and bathing the head in stimulating liniments also afford relief in some cases. If it is due to a full habit, the diet must be regulated. In some bad cases cold applications to the head, leeches to the temples, and hot sinapisms to the spine may be required. Rubbing my "Herbal Ointment" on the forehead temples, and nape of neck gives instant relief.