MEDICINAL PART. Concrete juice.
    Description. -- Kino is a leafy tree, with the outer coat of the bark brown, and the inner red, fibrous, and astringent. Branches smooth, leaves alternate; leaflets, from five to seven, alternate, elliptical, and rather emarginate; flowers very numerous, white, with a tinge of yellow; fruit a legume on a long petiole.
    History. -- Kino is the juice of the tree, obtained by making longitudinal incisions in the bark. It flows freely, is of a red color, and by drying it in the sun it cracks into irrregular angular masses. The fragments are reddish, black, translucent, and ruby-red on the edges, inodorous, and very astringent. When chewed it tinges the saliva blood-red. Alcohol dissolves about two-thirds of it. It is chiefly imported from Malabar. It inhabits the Circur mountains and forests of the Malabar coast.
    Properties and Uses. -- Employed in medicine as an energetic astringent only, principally in obstinate chronic diarrhoea. It is also administered as an astringent in leucorrhoea and sanguineous exudations. As a topical remedy, it is applied to flabby ulcers, and used as a gargle, injection, and wash.
    Dose. -- Of the powder, from ten to thirty grains.